Cactus, 2020, watercolor on paper on panel, 12in x 9in

 Mirror, 2020, watercolor on paper on panel, 12in x 9in

Art Los Angeles Contemporary

with Regards

Feburary 2020

Surface becomes the place to figure out complex images with painstaking detail and intense looking. The paintings are not about an attempt of likeness, but rather of understanding. It’s a world in which time equals proximity. The subject matter is always linked to personal connections, with an interest in places and objects that touch on death, heartbreak, desire and love, and what might emerge when these themes come together. Most often they are images that are chosen for their complexity (mirrored surfaces that reflect, the worn and weathered decay of a cactus). They are chosen for both their sensual nature as well as formal elements that reassert the constraints and concerns of the medium of painting - most importantly its inherent flatness.