Fear, 2016, watercolor on paper on panel, 7in x 5in

Everything is Finished Nothing is Dead, 2016, watercolor on paper on panel, 13in x 16in

Fate, 2016, graphite on paper on panel, 5in x 7in inches
Monochrome One, 2016, burnt peach pits, glycerine, honey on paper on glass, 42 x 12 x 6in

Witnesses, 2016, watercolor on paper on panel, 11 1/2in x 14 1/2in 



A highly rendered watercolor of a section of a fur coat is collapsed into abstraction through tightly cropped borders, and the disruptive appearance of an unnatural color. Explorations of darkness manifested in a seemingly monochromatic landscape of a forest at night, invite us to consider what might fill the emptiness, if not ourselves then certainly our fears, and other unreliable perceptions.

Whether its how we understand the impact of time’s passage, the way language dictates thought, or attempts at establishing solid distinctions between fact and fiction, King makes work that does not pick a side, but rather straddles dualities. Not fit to abandon one for another, or hover back and forth, King takes up equal handfuls of psychological, emotional, philosophical, and material fragments from either side and slowly work them together into undifferentiated masses of everything and nothing, and all that falls in between.

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