Salon no.13                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   back


Marine Projects is delighted to present Salon No.13, Works 373 – 417, a group exhibition presenting the work of Zoe Crosher, Emma Gray, Emilie Halpern, Ariel Herwitz, Lauren Spencer King, Galia Linn, Fay Ray and Samantha Thomas.

Following in the tradition of past Marine Salon shows, Salon No. 13 does not follow a strict curatorial theme, focusing instead on the vision of an imaginary collector that is deeply invested in various artistic concerns. This time, the focus is on contemporary women artists living and working in Los Angeles specifically. Each exhibition transforms the home on a fundamental level, bringing to light the way living with art and carefully curating a personal collection changes our living space in powerful ways. These artists have brought their work into a private home and molded it into a space that embodies the particular considerations in their practice, highlighting the common threads. Particularly, the seen and the unseen, the real and the illusory, materiality, temporality, transformation, alchemy, the nebulous nature of energy - as both a force and a word - and our relationship to the natural world.

"Witnesses III", watercolor on paper on panel, 12" x 16"


"Mummy Net", marble, African jade, brass, 24" x 40"

"I Am From The Caucasus Mountains", (diptych) graphite on paper, marble / volkonskoite on paper on panel, 20" x 30"

"What Is It That You Want Right Now But Aren't Saying", graphite on paper, glass, marble, 44'' x 10'' x  5"

Lauren Spencer King works in a variety of materials, making drawings and sculptures in thoughtfully connected groupings. The work, while personal in nature, becomes deeply universal, exploring the unknown on a grand scale – life, death, transcending grief, natural phenomena, the cosmos - things that are ancient, elusive, mysterious, unexplainable, unseen but felt. For this exhibition, King has made a grouping of objects including a watercolor painting, a weaving made of marble beads and a graphite drawing of a dolmen. Dolmens are ancient stone structures that were built as burial tombs. The wisest person in a community would choose to sacrifice themselves, going into the dolmen to die, with the belief that the structure would somehow hold the wisdom of their soul for future generations. The dark void of the dolmen acts as a visual and energetic vessel to hold ideas, emotions and memories, pushing the limits of what a drawing can hold.