Guitar, 2019, watercolor on paper on panel, 10in x 12in

Vessel, 2019, glass
Microphone, 2019, watercolor on paper on panel, 9in x 12in

Bench, 2019, graphite on paper, aluminum

Fur, 2019, watercolor on paper on panel, 5in x 7in
Monochrome, 2019, madder lake, Moroccan ocher, gum arabic, honey, on paper on panel, 14in x 18in

Ribbon, 2019, graphite on paper, silk

Flower, 2019, watercolor on paper on panel, 9in x 12in

I Dedicate This Song to You

Big Pictures Los Angeles

Big Pictures Los Angeles is pleased to present I Dedicate This Song to You, an exhibition of new work from Los Angeles based artist Lauren Spencer King. This marks King’s first solo show with the gallery.

The paintings in this exhibition stoke the senses as each one points to a sensual experience: the sensation of fur on skin, the smell of a flower blooming in warm air, the sound of a voice or instrument in song. They entice, evoke, and allude to a story created in their collective viewing. Time spent looking is a key component. For King the surface becomes a place to figure out complex images through the time it takes to paint them. The paintings are not about an attempt of likeness, but rather of understanding. It’s a world in which time equals proximity.

A glass sculpture representing a vessel used in a 16th century Spanish courtship dance, a coil of antique silk ribbon sitting on a drawing of crumpled paper, and a bench with an accordion folded drawing as a base all conjure up situations to hold or be held. Each work in the show explores the play between two- and three- dimensionality, and the tension when neither side is absolute.

King brings together personal experiences, in past work around death and grief but more recently an exploration of partnership and relationship, together with historical sites and practices rooted in relatively unknown ceremonial rites of passage. A constellation is created between the works in disparate mediums to create a new narrative woven from threads of personal and collective history.

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