Mineral Monochromes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      back



These paintings were born from a long time love of the watercolor “Beatrice Addressing Dante from the Car” by William Blake. Beatrice was the love of Dante’s life, and died at a young age. She is the subject of a group of early love poems by Dante. My paintings keep circling back to Blake, both in my interest in how he used color in that painting and in subject matter. The paintings are made from ground up minerals and earth pigments from all over the world. These are the same pigments that were used historically in paint making. I mix them with glycerine, honey and gum arabic to make my own watercolors. Made with the belief that the paintings hold the same healing properties of the stones and of the natural world in which they are found. They hold an intention for the simple act of just feeling good. For the viewer, owner, passer by to feel good upon encountering or contemplating.

For inquiries or to purchase please email laurenspencerking@gmail.com and she will send you a price list of what is available.